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Exercising could help in pandemic but stress, anxiety a barrier

Researchers at McMaster University say that the COVID-19 pandemic “has created a paradox where mental health has become both a motivator for and a barrier to physical activity.”  A study was done to find out how and why mental health, »

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Survey: Canadians concerned that revealing mental issues can impact career

A new report finds that that Canadians are concerned that revealing mental health issues will impact their workplace and personal relationships. According to a survey from Morneau Shepell published today, 44 per cent of Canadian respondents believe that their career »

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Pandemic adding to children’s mental health risk: UNICEF

Pandemic stay-at-home policies have affected at least one in seven children (332 million)  around the world, says UNICEF, putting their mental health and well-being at risk. The figures derive from a new analysis by UNICEF of data from the Oxford COVID-19 »

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Chatbot helps youth access mental health support online

A new chatbot tool has been added to help youth find mental health resources suited to them on the Kids Help Phone website. Kids Help Phone is an online mental health service that is free and available 24/7 in both »

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Young Canadians’ mental health suffered in early pandemic

A large majority of those aged two to 18 in Canada experienced harm to their mental health during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a new study. A research team surveyed parents of the younger cohort and »


Toronto to pilot non-police led safety and crisis support service

Toronto has approved a pilot project for community safety and crisis support services that will test a non-policel led approach to non-emergency and non-violent calls including those involving wellness checks. The pilot project, approved by city council on Tuesday, will »

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Early report indicates suicides have not increased due to pandemic

Early information suggested that Quebec has not seen an increase in suicides during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a report published on Monday. The report from Association of Suicide Prevention in Quebec, also known under its French acronym as AQPS, »

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Women, young adults, minorities report declining mental health

Some Canadians say their mental health has worsened during the course of this pandemic, according to polls. A web panel surveyed from January 2 to 3, 2021 found that 24 per cent of women rated their mental health as bad »

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More people having suicidal thoughts in second wave of pandemic

One in ten Canadians are experiencing suicidal thoughts during this second wave of the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a survey done for the University of British Columbia and the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA).  That is a steep increase from »

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COVID financial worries stressing business owners

With COVID emergency orders having resulted in the shut down of many small businesses this summer, and clientele reduced even when open, many business owners are feeling the pressure. A survey in the last week of August by Canada’s Business »