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Urban fishing in Montreal is fun: but should we eat the fish?

They say that some fishing enthusiasts in Quebec start to feel that urge when the trout season opens near the end of April after the waters are free of ice.  The nervous urge and other symptoms are said to be »

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Mercury linked to dramatic decline of migratory songbirds: study

Examination of tail feathers suggests that mercury is one of the determining factors for the steep declines of many songbird populations that migrate long distances to and from North America. The study by researchers at Western University in Ontario compared »

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Permafrost holds double the toxic mercury, warn scientists

Scientists have found that frozen ground located in Arctic regions holds twice as much mercury as the rest of the earth, oceans and atmosphere, and the toxic metal is being released as the climate changes. Scientists with the National Snow »

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Indigenous people suffer mercury poisoning

More than 90 per cent of people in two indigenous communities are suffering symptoms of mercury poisoning, according to Japanese experts. CBC reports that even young people are affected in the communities of Grassy Narrows and Wabaseemoong in the province »

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Grassy Narrows mercury contamination can be cleaned up: scientists

Grassy Narrows is in the spotlight again following the release today of the latest study to find the decades-old mercury contamination in the waterways can be cleaned up, and should be cleaned up. The mercury levels were first studied in »

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Arctic gold mining: a surprising toxic discovery

When one thinks of the term “gold rush” one often thinks of the far north in Canada. Indeed gold-mining and the north have had a long relationship. A new study shows however, that long after the gold is gone, a »