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Canada’s Métis get apology they’ve long sought for veterans’ treatment

In a packed Canadian Legion hall in Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada’s minister of Veterans Affairs delivered the apology Canadian Métis have been waiting for for what seems to too many of them as forever. “We apologize,” Lawrence MacAuley told the gathering,» 

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Ottawa signs historic agreement with Métis in three provinces

The federal government has signed historic agreements with the Métis nations in Alberta, Ontario and Saskatchewan The first-ever accords follow years of legal disputes and failed negotiations. Earlier this month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, speaking at the third annual Crown-Métis» 

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Métis veterans appear–finally–to be on the verge of being properly recognized

Métis military veterans, members of the 400,000-stong Métis community in Western Canada, may be on the verge of winning something they have wanted–desired–since the end of the Second World War: respect from the federal government. That respect could begin with» 

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Powerful Indigenous leaders boycotting major Canadian meeting

As premiers and territorial leaders gather in Edmonton for this week’s Council of the Federation meeting, the leaders of three powerful Indigenous organizations say they will not be attending. The leaders say the Council’s format does not meet their standards»