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Possible RCMP misuse of drones concerns BC activist

A prominent civil libertarian is concerned about how Canada’s national police force, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, could misuse its fleet of more than 200 drones. The RCMP says the drones are used for investigating crime scenes, search and rescue, »

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Effects of Christchurch attack being felt across Canada

The ripples from Christchurch continue to lap on Canada’s shores. As a Chinese-Canadian political candidate in Alberta was brought to tears after one of her campaign signs was defaced with racist graffiti and an advocacy group in Vancouver was announcing »

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B.C. civil liberties groups win a major victory on mass-surveillance device

Score a hard-won victory for British Columbia civil libertarians, a win that likely will have wide ramifications and repercussions across Canada. After years of dissembling and bobbing and weaving around the issue, Vancouver police finally admitted on Wednesday that they »