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Governments must help the struggling middle class: OECD

Middle-class households are struggling to maintain their lifestyles as stagnating incomes fail to keep up with the rising costs of housing and education, says a new report from the OECD. And the report says governments, including Canada’s, must do more» 

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Canada: The middle class dream shrinking rapidly

After a long working life, most people hope to have an easy and enjoyable retirement.  That was one of the basic concepts of the “middle class dream”.  That may have been more possible in the past but a new survey» 

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Guess who’s paying more taxes

If you’re Canadian, and in the middle class, and feel like you have less and less spending money (disposable income) you’re probably right. A new report out by the Vancouver-based Fraser Institute says the majority what is termed the Canadian» 

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Bombardier execs get big bonuses amid massive layoffs

As members of Canada’s middle class get increasingly annoyed with costs going up and salaries not keeping pace, they learned today that executives at Canadian airplane maker Bombardier got multi-million dollar bonuses last year. As Canadian Press reports, the jump»