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Grocers attempt to calm food supply worries, but difficulties ahead

As fears about the uncertainties surrounding the COVID-19 virus increase, it has led to many cases of panic buying. While there has been some surprise about a rush to hoard toilet paper, it has also spread to panic buying of »

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2010 Tamil migrant ship: expensive, toxic legacy

A tired tramp steamer called the MV Sun Sea  was a the heart of an international incident in 2010. Originally built in 1980 the 53 metre-long ship was loaded with 492 Sri Lankan Tamil migrants in Thailand and then headed »

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American pamphlets discovered encouraging illegal entry to Canada

It was discovered just this past weekend that a pamphlet is being distributed at American hotels and bus terminals near the Canadian border giving advice for migrants to cross illegally into Canada. Politically this is called “irregular” crossing into Canada. »

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Canada urged to stop detaining migrant children

Canada detains an average 242 migrant children in prison-like conditions and that can have bad and lasting effects on them, report human rights researchers. The figures are probably higher given that they do not include youngsters who are detained because »