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Canada to host international donors’ conference for Venezuelan refugees

The federal government in collaboration with two humanitarian agencies working with refugees and migrants will host an international conference next month to raise funds for millions of Venezuelans who have fled their country since 2015. The exodus of over 5.6 »

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Vaccinate undocumented workers, urge advocates

Many migrants in Canada are facing obstacles in getting vaccinated against COVID-19 and advocates are demanding change.  The Migrants Rights Network and doctors, health policy experts and labour leaders are calling for immediate action to ensure that all migrant workers »


Asian Canadians call for end to anti-Asian racism and protection for sex worker

Asian Canadians are calling for an end to anti-Asian racism and for more to be done to protect sex workers and migrants after eight people, including six Asian women, were shot and killed in Atlanta, Georga on Tuesday. On Wednesday, »

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Canada pledges $27M to help Venezuelan refugees weather COVID-19

Canada will provide $27 million to help millions of Venezuelan refugees and migrants fleeing their country during a global pandemic that has put new strains on the international community’s ability to respond to South American nation’s economic and political crisis. International Development »

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Tension as migrants mass at Greek border

Turkey has said it can no longer support the mass influx of migrants from Syria and elsewhere. It says it will no longer keep them from attempting to cross into Greece and Bulgaria as they seek to head into European »

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Costs of migrant “irregular” entry and asylum claims

Documents recently obtained by Post Media show that the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, (RCMP) Canada’s national police force, has spent $6.6 million over two years dealing with migrants crossing into Canada from the U.S. away from border control points. Almost »

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Migrants deserve free health care, argue 1,500 people

Over 1,500 members of the health care community in Canada have signed an  open letter calling on the federal government to review its legislation on access to the publicly-funded health care system for migrants. While the federal government provides funding »

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Canada will sign contentious U.N. Migration Pact

(public comments open- scroll to bottom to submit- Comments will be posted after moderating) A two-day international conference in Marrakesh, Morrocco will see most of the U.N. member states sign an agreement on “migrants”. On Friday, Canada’s Immigration Minister Ahmed »

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Cost of migrants crossing “irregularly” into Canada average $14K each

(public comments open at bottom-Comments will be posted after moderating) It is illegal to cross into Canada anywhere other than at an official border point. The Trudeau government however has changed the terminology from illegal crossing to irregular crossing. After »

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Are migrants crossing ‘illegally’ into Canada, or ‘irregularly’?

As over 30,000 migrants have crossed into Canada along undefended border points, a semantics debate continues to rage among politicians as to whether they are crossing “illegally” or “irregularly”. The bitter political fight is between the opposition Conservative Party, and »