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Canadians clearly divided on accepting American DACA asylum seekers

A new poll shows Canadians are divided on whether the country should accept people currently living in the U.S under temporary protected status and who may be forced to leave. There are two U.S programmes involved both of which are »

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New wave of illegal migrant crossings into Canada

This past Easter weekend is perhaps the harbinger of a new crisis to come this summer in illegal entry into Canada. Border officials say they now fear a mass migration of Salvadorans from the U.S. later this year. During the »


Quebec sends hefty bill to federal government for migrant asylum seekers

This week the province of Quebec sent a bill to Ottawa of some $146 million. This is the amount it says it has had to pay so far to accommodate thousands of migrants who crossed illegally into Canada at a »

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World opinion on migrants: Unease mounts

Almost half (48%) of the thousands interviewed say there are too many immigrants in their country. An Ipsos survey of opinion in 25 countries around the world shows a high level of unease with migration, whether immigration, migrants or refugees. »

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Asylum seekers: Canadians getting generosity fatigue?

(comments open on all RCI stories- scroll to bottom of page) A new poll by the firm Angus Reid shows a small majority of Canadians may be feeling less generous toward asylum seekers, especially ones crossing illegally into Canada. Since »

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Cabinet ministers warn migrants at border

Two Canadian cabinet ministers travelled to the border between Canada and the United States on August 21 to warn migrants they must meet certain criteria to be allowed to stay in the country and that they would not be fast-tracked. »

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Asylum seeker found dead near Canada-U.S. border

American police officials in Kittson County, Minnesota say they found the body of a woman in a ditch about a kilometre from the border with the Canadian province of Manitoba. It was in an area known as an illegal crossing »

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World Health Summit in Montreal focuses on Indigenous and migrant health issues

Some of the world’s top minds in global health and health care delivery have gathered in Montreal this week for an international summit that will focus on the challenges of providing healthcare in increasingly pluralistic societies such as the one »

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Canadians are welcoming…but getting nervous

Canadians concerned about illegal border crossings, security Shortly after Donald Trump was officially named as President of the United States, some of those living illegally in the US and /or awaiting word on their refugee claims began to worry about »

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New survey shows half of Canadians want migrants out

In February alone, 635 migrants crossed from the US into Canada along an unwatched border section in Quebec and asked for asylum. This compares with just 99 last February.   In January, 452 crossed into Quebec to claim asylum, representing  a »