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Are loons another species under threat?

The haunting call of the common loon is an iconic wilderness and cottage sound in a Canadian summer. With the arrival of spring, people can expect the return of loons from the south. But will there be fewer? There are» 

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Mercury linked to dramatic decline of migratory songbirds: study

Examination of tail feathers suggests that mercury is one of the determining factors for the steep declines of many songbird populations that migrate long distances to and from North America. The study by researchers at Western University in Ontario compared» 


Climate change, habitat loss, hard on migratory birds

Changes to the climate and habitat are occurring so rapidly that it is difficult for some bird species to adapt and, if they cannot adapt or conditions do not improve, they could face extinction. Migratory birds in eastern Canada face» 


Traffic stopped for mass migration of tiny toads

Tens of thousands of tiny western toads are migrating through Lost Lake Park in western Canada. The Resort Municipality of Whistler has taken several measures to try to protect this species of special concern for the next two to four» 

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Heat waves could create global instability: professor

A new study published this week found that unless there is a decrease in greenhouse gas emissions worldwide, climate change will make parts of South Asia uninhabitable by the end of this century. Published in the Journal Science Advances, the» 

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Canadian given UN post for international migration

Canadian jurist Louise Arbour has been appointed the United Nations special representative of the secretary-general for international migration. Arbour was a justice of the Supreme Court of Canada, the chief prosecutor of the international criminal tribunals for the former Yugoslavia» 

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New findings raise doubts about first migration to Americas

For decades it was believed that the first humans came to North America from Siberia over the Bering Land Bridge and then moved south through a corridor of land opened up by melting glaciers. But new research has found that» 

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Conference: best practices for immigration and refugees

It is the biggest gathering of its type in Canada, and perhaps in the world. Some 800 delegates from across Canada, and from several other countries like Germany, Singapore, the United States, Australia and others are expected as they discuss» 

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Multiculturalism and welcoming refugees

Multiculturalism became a core Canadian value in the 1960’s and ’70’s in the wake of the very successful 1967 centennial celebrations in Canada. Pierre Elliot Trudeau, as Prime Minister made it official policy. It was a vision that was largely» 

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Greener Village helps monarch butterflies in New Brunswick

Greener Village Community Food Centre in Fredericton, New Brunswick is doing its part to help the declining monarch butterfly population. Led by Executive Director, Elizabeth Crawford Thurber, the centre created a ‘raise and release’ program this year. It’s part of»