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Canadian military plane turns back over COVID concern

It’s now become known that a Canadian Armed Forces passenger jet with troops headed to the NATO mission in Latvia was tuned around mid-flight last week. The CC-150 Polaris was carrying some 70 soldiers and crew when it was discovered »


Update: Air Force plans to return Cyclones to service after tragic crash

Following an as yet unexplained crash of a miltary CH-148 Cyclone helicopter, the Canadian Forces placed the entire Cyclone fleet on an operational pause. The crash of the aircraft dubbed ‘Stalker-22’, occurred on April 29 as it was returning to »

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Canadian military begins slow resumption of overseas missions

As the coronavirus spread, the Canadian military pulled back most of its personnel from various overseas land, sea, and air exercises and missions abroad. Now that the virus situation is easing, a first slow renewal of those missions has begun »

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Soldiers may be called to testify in lawsuits against long-term care homes

When coronavirus cases began to mount across the country in mid-March, long-term care facilities for the elderly and those needing constant care were particularly hard hit. Most of these facilities are privately run by for-profit companies. Many of the elderly »


Deep sea recovery of Canadian military helicopter and crew ended

In a press statement released Wednesday afternoon, the Canadian Armed Forces have indicated the recovery effort of a military helicopter and crew in the Ionian Sea has ended. The team of U.S Navy, and CAF personnel spent eight days at »


Wreckage of crashed Canadian military helicopter located

The teams of American and Canadian searchers have announced that they have located the wreckage on Canadian military helicopter on the floor of the Ionian Sea. A large piece of the Cyclone helicopter was found about 3 kilometres deep and »

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U.S. Navy to help recover crashed Canadian Forces helicopter in Ionian Sea

More information is now being released about the crash of a Canadian Forces Cyclone helicopter. The aircraft  based on the HMCS Fredericton went down on Apr. 29 while on exercises off the coast of Greece with NATO allies. Initially it »


Tragedy strikes Canadian air force aerobatic team

Canada’s air force suffered another deadly loss this weekend even as it was attempting to lift the spirits of Canadians dealing with COVID-19. The famous RCAF aerobatics team known as the ‘Snowbirds’ had been on a two week cross-country tour »

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Canada ‘defers’ mission to the waters off North Korea

As the Canadian Armed Forces continue to regroup and revamp in the shadow of COVID-19, the Canadian military has announced it is postponing the deployment of a warship and surveillance aircraft to help enforce United Nations’ sanctions against North Korea. »

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Canada History: May 6, 1898: Protecting Canada’s Yukon from Americans

On this day in 1898, Canada send a small group of its fledgling permanent militia to protect Canada’s interests in the far north from potential U.S. occupation. Canada and the U.S. like to boast that through a history of friendly »