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Trudeau met with Governor General to discuss next government

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with The Queen’s representative in Canada, Gov. Gen. Julie Payette, Tuesday to advise her that he intends to form government, even though his Liberal Party fell short of getting a parliamentary majority in last week’s »

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Your hosts: Levon, Lynn, Marc (video of show at bottom) Arab World Festival-Montreal This weekend marks the start of the 20th year for the Arab World Festival,/ Festival du Monde Arabe  (FMA) in Montreal. The idea is to showcase elements »


Trudeau rules out coalition, but vows to cooperate on climate and affordability

Working with other parties to address climate change and cost of living in Canada will be the main priorities of his minority government but the Liberals won’t seek a formal coalition, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said Wednesday. Trudeau said he »


Canada’s federal election leaves the country divided

The results are in and the Liberal party under Justin Trudeau has been re-elected, albeit leading a minority government this time. The results also show a country very divided with a the nationalist Bloc Quebecois party resurrected in the mostly »


Odds of a minority government rise, as Bloc and NDP surge in polls

Three strong debate performances by the leaders of the separatist Bloc Québécois and the left-of-centre New Democratic Party have increased the chances of a minority government come Election Day on Oct. 21, according to an analysis of the CBC Poll »


Provincial election results in rare minority government in Newfoundland and Labrador

Voters in the Atlantic province of Newfoundland and Labrador woke up to a minority government Friday morning, after the governing Liberals managed to hang on to half of the seats in the provincial legislature while the opposition Progressive Conservatives nearly »


New Brunswick set for minority government

New Brunswick’s lieutenant-governor gave the incumbent Liberal Leader Brian Gallant permission to attempt to form a minority government on Tuesday even as the Liberals won fewer seats than their main opponent in Monday’s provincial election. New Brunswick’s electoral landscape was thrown »


British Columbia New Democrats to form minority government

British Columbians are waking up to a new premier after a tumultuous Thursday evening that saw the provincial Liberals lose a non-confidence vote in the legislature, sending them to the Opposition benches for the first time in 16 years. New »


Clark won’t quit as B.C. premier, will test confidence of legislature

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark announced today that she will recall the provincial legislature to see if she can continue governing with a minority government despite an opposition attempt to form a coalition. Clark was speaking for the first time »