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Black history month: Royal Canadian mint special coin

Another colour barrier was broken in professional sports on January 12, 1958, and once again that barrier was broken in Canada. That was the date that Fredericton New Brunswick’s Willie O’Ree took to the ice in a National Hockey League» 

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Celebrating VE Day in coin

An important commemorative date is approaching, the 75th anniversary of VE-Day, or Victory in Europe, which ended the horrors of the Second World War. The Royal Canadian Mint has just released a series of commemorative coins to mark the occasion.» 

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Canadian three-metal coin wins international award

The Royal Canadian Mint announced that it has won a best new coin award  for a token that is made of three metals. The coin has a brass-plated steel ring, an inner core of nickel-plated steel and copper-plated steel on» 

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Black History Month: New collector coin honours civil rights icon

In a small incident that has since become legendary, North America’s first fight for black rights will be honoured once again by the Royal Canadian Mint. In 1946, years before the Rosa Parks incident in the U.S., Canadian businesswoman Viola» 

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Coin commemorates end of First World War

In less than a month, many nations around the world will mark a momentous date. This year, November 11th will be the 100th anniversary of the Armistice to end the horrific tragedy of the  First World War. To mark the» 

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New collectible “coins” from Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint continues to create Canada’s money for general use, but also has become a world leader in new coin technology, and in collectible and investment coinage. After new tech in holographic coins, and coloured coins, their latest» 

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Canada’s “loonie” turns 30 today

Not loved at first, now iconic In 1986, the Canadian government announced it would be introducing a new one dollar coin the following year. This was proposed as a cost saving measure to replace the one dollar banknote. Lucky loonie» 


UPDATE: The man with the golden bum

It was a rare but certainly interesting case of theft, and the perpetrator has now been sentenced. An employee of the Royal Canadian Mint in Ottawa was found to have been stealing gold from the mint. In November of last» 

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The man with the golden bum

Ok apologies to James Bond fans.. but police were trying to figure out how someone was making off with gold from Canada’s mint. The case has been kept very quiet: the Royal Canadian Mint doesn’t like to advertise that they» 

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New Canadian coins of Remembrance

December this year will mark the 100th anniversary of the publishing of one of the best known poems of the First World War. In May 1915, shortly after burying a best friend killed by a German shell, Lt. Col John»