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‘It’s a miracle’: Woman survives fall from plane after parachute fails

Denis Demers is still processing what he witnessed on Saturday evening in Trois-Rivières, Que., when a skydiver’s parachute failed to open as she plummeted a kilometre and a half to the ground. “It’s a miracle,” Demers told Radio-Canada on Wednesday. »

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The wonderful world of snake oil promoters and people who believe them

Claims vs science: New Canadian series explores miracle diets, anti-ageing cures, and other wellness fads A Canadian researcher and specialist in health issues has travelled the world looking at all kinds of so-called health remedies. It’s all explored in a »

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Medical marvel: first face transplant in Canada

A man who suffered a serious accident while hunting was living with what was left of a badly disfigured face. A bullet had blown away much of his face in 2011. Several rebuilding surgeries over the years had helped but »

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History; July 9, 1960; the miracle at Niagara

It was a quiet, calm, sunny summer day back in 1960 in southern Ontario. But a miraculous story was about to occur that would make news around the world. Tens of thousands of tourists were on both the American and »