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Great white sharks could be back in Atlantic Canadian waters

Hunted for many years, the great white shark could finally be back in Canadian waters, thanks in part to conservation efforts. These majestic animals are being closely monitored by international teams of scientists who are attempting to document their apparent »

Environment & Animal Life

Salmon will be flown by helicopter after landslide blocked river

Since late June, tens of thousands of migratory salmon have been trapped behind a rock slide on the Fraser River in remote British Columbia. To help them continue their journey, Canadian authorities announced that they would fly them over the »

Internet, Science & Technology

Canadian university working with NASA towards Mars mission

NASA wants to send astronauts to Mars by about 2030. It is in the process of working out all the possible scenarios for such a mission by testing and analysing scenarios here on Earth that resemble as closely as possible »


NASA mission will study the heart of Mars

There have been several spacecraft sent to study Mars but NASA is hoping to launch the first to look at the planet’s interior on May 5, 2018. InSight, as it is called, will take six months to reach Mars and »

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Ottawa mulls role in stabilizing Libya

It looks increasingly like Canada will take part in what is likely to be a dangerous peacemaking operation in Libya. Speaking to reporters at the Conference on Security and Defence in Ottawa on Friday Chief of the Defence Staff Gen. »

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Canada’s new mission in Iraq increases risks for soldiers: experts

The Liberal government’s decision to stop the bombing campaign in Iraq and Syria and focus on training Kurdish forces in Northern Iraq increases the risks for Canadian special forces stationed there, say Canadian defence experts. Under the new plan, the »

International, Politics, Society

Canada to cease air strikes against ISIS by Feb. 22

Canada will stop its participation in coalition airstrikes against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria (ISIS) no later than Feb. 22, while it triples the number of special forces deployed to train Iraqi Kurdish forces on the ground for the next »

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Mission on Mars (simulation) ends

It’s called “Hi-SEAS” but it’s all about space, in fact, a mission to Mars. the crew of six must eat, sleep, and work within the confined space of the small dome for 4 months. Lockwood says it could be “challenging” »