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False alert from nuclear plant scares Ontario residents

It was early on a sleepy Sunday morning when mobile phones, radios, and TV began sending an urgent alarm at 07;30 The alarming province-wide message said something had gone wrong at the Pickering Nuclear power plant located on the shore »

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Oops, wrong patient, wrong operation, missing clamp: surgical mistakes in Canada

Between 2004 and 2013, there were just under 3,000 cases of malpractice complaints and settlements from medical errors in Canada The information comes from a new study by the Canadian Patient Safety Institute (CPSI), in conjunction with key healthcare stakeholders, »

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Oops, a little lack of government knowledge of Canada, again?

Canada Post has recently released the latest in its beautiful series of postage stamps on World Heritage sites in this country. Stamps with various sites are being released in domestic rate stamps, US rate stamps, and international letter rates. The »