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Dikes will be upgraded to protect from climate change

New multi-million-dollar funding has been announced to improve dikes on Canada’s Atlantic coast and protect the province of Nova Scotia from flooding caused by rising tides and storm surge events. ‘Extreme weather is becoming more severe’ “Extreme weather is becoming »

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Lessons for all to learn from Hurricane Harvey

After a major hurricane struck the U.S. state of Texas in 2009, authorities proposed to build levees to protect the coast from the Texas-Louisiana border all the way down to Freeport. But work never started and if it does, it »

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Insurance firm pays university to cut climate risk

Canada’s largest insurance company, Intact Insurance, is paying Waterloo University $4.25 million to help mitigate the risks associated with climate change. Insurance payouts have gone up dramatically in recent years, much of that attributed to storms caused by climate change. »