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Phone surveillance to comply with COVID-19 restrictions?

The idea for some might feel like edging another notch further to an Orwellian future. The idea that the police and/or security agencies would monitor your smart phone to ensure compliance with certain state requirements such as in this case, »

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5G-In the rush to the internet of things, is human health at risk?

Around the world countries and companies are rushing to embrace and develop the so-called 5G network. This will be needed for the massive amounts of data transfer as more and more devices become connected to the internet, from cars, to »


Lower-cost, data-only cell phone plans coming

Canada’s telecommunications regulator has reached agreement with the country’s top three wireless carriers obliging them to provide a range of cheap, data-only mobile plans within the next three months. Canadians regularly complain that they pay some of the highest cell »

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Toronto school bans phones in class, other schools say bring them.

The Earl Grey Public School in Toronto has banned mobile phones from the classroom and the school hallways. The ban goes into effect today. The 12 and 13 year-old students  at the junior high school (grades 7-8) were told their »

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Electronics-screen time: harmful to eyesight? Or not?

Electronic devices now dominate our lives. At work we might spend several hours staring at the screen, at other times we’re staring at mobile phone screens, and laptops and tablet screens. And then of course there are television screens as »