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Federal health officials project up to 22,000 COVID-19 deaths in Canada

Federal health officials are projecting there could be between 11,000 and 22,000 deaths in Canada over the course of the COVID-19 pandemic. And that’s the best case scenario under strong epidemic control measures, which assumes that only up to five »

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Risk for breast cancer may be more accurately predicted, sooner

In Canada, one in eight women are expected to develop breast cancer one in 31 will die of it. Now, scientists says a simple saliva test could help gauge with “unprecedented accuracy,” a woman’s risk of developing the disease during »

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Public broadcaster seeks new funding model

Decimated by years of budget cuts by successive governments, CBC/Radio-Canada is asking the government to boost and stabilize its funding. An extra $318 million annually would enable it to stop selling advertising. Private media have recently complained that the public »

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New health care model to improve care for seniors

Canadian hospitals were created for acute care and are not well organized to deal with the increasing numbers of elderly patients they get. Mount Sinai Hospital in Toronto has created a model of best practices that improved care for seniors »