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Nova Scotia to increase minimum wage

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia will be increasing their minimum wage by $1, from $11.55 to $12.55. It is the largest increase to the minimum wage in a decade. The increase also means that Nova Scotia will be the» 

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New poll shows why affordability is an issue

The issue of “affordability” has become a major issue in the first week of Canada’s national election campaign. A new survey taken just after the election was officially announced this month shows that almost 40 per cent of Canadians say» 

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Retirement: How much is enough? Baby boomers unsure but say they don’t have enough

The last group of the baby boom generation is fast approaching retirement. The group, now aged over 50, seem to generally have the same financial concern which is, have they saved enough money? Most Canadians it seems feel they’re hundreds» 

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Money laundering and real-estate in B.C and Canada

Over $7 billion in criminal money laundered, inflating housing prices Last year an investigation revealed vast sums of money being “laundered” through casinos in the west coast province of British Columbia. Former Royal Canadian Mounted Police deputy commissioner Peter German» 

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Millionaires on the move

In the financial world they’re known as HNWI’s or “high net worth individuals, but we know them as millionaires (or billionaires). Latest reports say about 108,000 millionaires moved last year from one country to another. That’s a substantial increase of» 

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Canada History, March 11, 1935: the first “Canadian” banknotes

It wasn’t until 1935 that Canada had what could be classed as “official unified Canadian” banknotes. There had been a variety of banknotes issued both before and after Confederation in 1867, but these consisted of the many banks across the» 


Canadians to get unexpected money, warned of pitfalls

A new report suggests that if Canadians were to get an unanticipated windfall, 64 per cent say they would pay off their debts and share it with friends, family and charity. The report for BMO Wealth Management estimates an estimated» 

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Public money for struggling media: but not without some concern

Like many traditional media outlets around the world, media outlets in Canada are struggling.  Newspapers, radio, TV, all are suffering from a growing dearth of advertising money which is their mainstay. The federal government has just announced tax incentives over» 


Debt making Canadians feel ‘financially blue’: poll

More than half of Canadians are feeling blue about their finances, according to a national survey conducted for a charity and a financial planning standards body. It revealed that 21 per cent of Canadians spent too much during the recent» 

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Honesty experiment in Eastern Canada: high marks!

How honest are Canadians? Test shows good results in Maritimes. They have been many stories over the years in Canada of lost items, especially wallets, being returned to their owners with money and credit cards still inside. That’s not to»