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British Columbia projects a $12.8 billion deficit for 2020-21 fiscal year

British Columbia has updated its provincial deficit forecast to $12.8 billion for the 2020-21 fiscal year due to the economic challenges presented by the COVID-19 pandemic, according to the first-quarterly report for the year.  The province’s report said that revenue »


Retail sales see massive drop since physical distancing measures

Retail sales in Canada have gone down 33.6 per cent since the social and physical distancing measures were put in place in mid-March, according to a report released by Statistics Canada earlier today. In the month of April, retail sales »

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COVID-19 related taxes, credit rating, and recovery time

No tax increase…for the moment With the emergency health orders restricting movements, closing businesses, and causing massive disruption to social and economic life, the government has been spending vast sums to soften the blow. However that massive spending by the »

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COVID-19: Closings, cancellations, collapse. clean cash

The feeling among medical experts is that Canada has yet to see the peak in COVID-19 cases. To that end more closings have been announced in an effort to prevent transmission among people.  Canada’s most populous province, Ontario, has just »


Nunavut increases minimum wage, becomes highest in Canada

Nunavut is increasing its minimum wage from $13 to $16 an hour, according to an announcement on Thursday, from the territory’s Minister of Justice, Jeannie Ehaloak  The increase will go into effect on April 1.  “With this increase, Nunavut will »

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The annual government waste awards announced

Once again it’s time for the “Teddy” awards. Named after a government bureaucrat known for charging personal expenses to the taxpayer, the awards are announced annually by the non-profit advocacy group the Canadian Taxpayers Federation (CTF).  This was the 22nd »

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Survey: Almost a quarter of Canadians are uncomfortable talking about money

Survey results released this morning from FP Canada have revealed that almost one in four Canadians said that talking about money made them uncomfortable.   FP Canada’s Discomfort Index, a Leger poll, surveyed 1,526 Canadians and asked them to rank their »

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Nova Scotia to increase minimum wage

The Canadian province of Nova Scotia will be increasing their minimum wage by $1, from $11.55 to $12.55. It is the largest increase to the minimum wage in a decade. The increase also means that Nova Scotia will be the »

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New poll shows why affordability is an issue

The issue of “affordability” has become a major issue in the first week of Canada’s national election campaign. A new survey taken just after the election was officially announced this month shows that almost 40 per cent of Canadians say »

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Retirement: How much is enough? Baby boomers unsure but say they don’t have enough

The last group of the baby boom generation is fast approaching retirement. The group, now aged over 50, seem to generally have the same financial concern which is, have they saved enough money? Most Canadians it seems feel they’re hundreds »