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‘Take me out to the ballgame?’ um, not at the moment

The way things normally work for sports fans in Canada in the spring is this: As–slowly but surely–the Canadian-based National Hockey League teams are eliminated from Stanley Cup contention, fancies and fantasies–just as slowly but just as surely–make their annual »

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Report: Montreal baseball stadiums needs another public consultation

Baseball fans in Montreal got some disappointing news this morning.  The Office de consultation publique de Montréal (OCPM) released a report Monday morning that said the construction of a baseball stadium near Peel Basin would need its own public consultations. »


At long last love: Larry Walker’s going to the Baseball Hall of Fame

As usual, he was right on the edge, but in the end he prevailed–pretty much like he always did on a baseball field. Walker becomes the first position player from Canada ever to be elected to the Hall and the »

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Remembering the day it all started to go bad for Montreal baseball fans

Twenty-five years ago Monday, Aug. 12, 1994, the Montreal Expos appeared to be bound for that fall’s World Series, Major League Baseball’s ode to glory, the reason why players play and fans go to games. For those who may have »

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Distant replay: Remembering the Montreal Expos with tears and laughter

There was a ceremony at City Hall on Monday. It was all about celebrating that moment 50 years ago when the Expos joined Major League Baseball–50 years since they began breaking our hearts in a million pieces. In all the »

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Montreal Baseball Faithful set to deliver their passionate message…again

They’ve been coming out since the spring of 2014, the Montreal Baseball Faithful. They’ll be there again Monday and Tuesday nights at Olympic Stadium to watch a pair of exhibition games between the Toronto Blue Jays and the Milwaukee Brewers. »

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Talking baseball–the good, the bad and the ugly–during a summer to forget

For Canadians who love Major League Baseball, it’s been a summer to forget. The Toronto Blue Jays have been terrible. And since the Montreal Expos departed for Washington D.C. in 2005, the Jays are the only big league game in »

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Blue Jays bomb in their 2018 season opener

Hopefully, for Canadian baseball fans, the highlight of the 2018 Toronto Blue Jays season didn’t occur Tuesday night in Montreal when Vladimir Guerrero Jr., son of long-time Expos superstar and freshly-minted Hall of Famer, Vlad Sr., hit a dramatic ninth-inning »

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Hope springs eternal for Montreal’s baseball fans

This is the time of year when baseball fans in Montreal get their hopes up and let go–at least for a little while–the long-lingering pain they have felt since the Expos left for Washington, D.C. following the 2004 season. For »

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Report sparks excitement about Major League Baseball’s return to Montreal

For the fourth straight spring (or what passes for spring here in Quebec), baseball fans will crowd Montreal’s Olympic Stadium Friday and Saturday (it has a roof) to watch a pair of meaningless Spring Training exhibition games. Montreal fans will »