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Montreal declares local state of emergency over COVID-19 outbreak

The City of Montreal declared a local state of emergency Friday in an effort to contain the further spread of COVID-19 among the homeless population of Quebec’s largest metropolis. That emergency went into effect at 4 p.m. local time (20:00» 

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Canada history: Mar 17. 1955, the Richard riot in Montreal

In 1955, there were six teams in the National Hockey league. Loyalties to a team and to individual players where they might usually stay with the team for years, was very strong. Nowhere was loyalty to a team stronger than» 


VIA Rail enforces special measures to deal with COVID-19

VIA Rail, Canada’s national passenger rail service, announced yesterday that it is enforcing special health and safety measures to deal with COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus, outbreak.  According to a press release, VIA Rail said that they have increased daily» 


Montreal public transit authorities increase cleaning frequency

The Société de Transport de Montréal said in a statement that they will increase cleaning frequency to more than once a week on buses, paratransit minibuses, trains and stations, as a precautionary measure. “The STM is in close contact with» 


Quebec based pizza chain bans pineapple pizza

Should pineapple be allowed on pizza as a topping? It’s a question that has been long debated. Some swear by pineapple as topping, and others shake their head in disgust.  One Quebec based pizza chain, Bàcaro Pizzeria, decided to poll» 

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On or off? World figure skating championships and Covid-19

The world is scheduled to come to Montreal this month for a major international sporting event, but will it? The Quebec government is said to be considering cancelling the championships in light of the Covid-19 crisis which has already resulted» 


French language group petitions to extend Bill 101 to Quebec CEGEPs

A French language group in Quebec has launched a petition to extend Bill 101 to CEGEPs, also known as colleges, across the province. The petition from the Mouvement Québec Français (MQF) warns that an increase in the number of English» 

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Two more Quebec high schools postpone and cancel Europe trips over coronavirus

Two English language high schools in the greater Montreal area have decided to postpone or straight up cancel their student trips to Europe due to concerns of the coronavirus. The news came later on the same day a school in» 

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City of Montreal bans electronic scooters

After a pilot project, the ciy of Montreal has decided to ban shared e-scooters in 2020.  According to CBC News the announcement was made at an executive meeting on Feb. 19, by Montreal city Councillor, Éric Alan Caldwell. He said» 

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The city of Montreal explores new tool to create affordable housing

In an effort to build social and affordable housing, Montreal Mayor, Valerie Plante announced at a news conference, that it will be exercising its rights of first refusal to buy properties. “We know the housing shortage has hit Montreal hard»