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U.S. ratifies moratorium on fishing in High Arctic seas

The United States has become the fourth jurisdiction after Canada, the European Union and Russia to ratify a landmark international agreement that aims to prevent unregulated commercial fishery in the high seas of the Central Arctic Ocean, officials at the» 

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Canada, EU and 8 other countries sign ‘historic’ Arctic fisheries moratorium agreement

Canada, the European Union and eight other countries signed Wednesday a legally binding international accord that will protect nearly three million square kilometres of the Central Arctic Ocean from unregulated fishing. Once it enters into force, the agreement, which was» 

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Agreement soon on high Arctic fishing in international waters?

The area under discussions is almost 3 million sq/km of ocean beyond the boundaries of Arctic nations known as the Arctic doughnut hole Recently two relatively small sailing yachts on a British expedition made it almost to the North Pole.» 

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Province puts water-bottling business on hold

The province of Ontario is proposing to suspend the creation or expansion of bottled water plants while it considers changing the rules that allow companies to take water to sell, reports Canadian Press (CP). The proposed changes come after a» 

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Minister may suspend revocations of citizenship

Immigration Minister John McCallum told the Senate he would consider putting a moratorium on the process whereby Canadians have their citizenship revoked if they are found to have misrepresented themselves on their applications. The British Columbia Civil Liberties Association and» 

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Anger, frustration over extended cod fishery

Independent inshore fishermen in Newfoundland are angry and frustrated at a Department of Fisheries decision to extend the cod fishing season until the end of March again this year.  The season was supposed to end March 01, prior to spawning» 

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Canadian province of New Brunswick announces moratorium on fracking

The premier of Canada’s Atlantic coast province of New Brunswick announced on Thursday (December 18) his government is imposing a moratorium on hydraulic fracking until five conditions are met. “We have been clear from day one that we will impose» 

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After Canada, US Atlantic cod in trouble

In the 1990’s a sweeping ban on fishing for cod off Canada’s east coast was instituted. After 500 years of small scale usually manual fishing, the arrival of massive factory trawlers in Canada and especially abroad, practically wiped out the» 


Uranium mining and exploration under a temporary moratorium in Quebec

On March 28th, Quebec’s Environment Minister announced a temporary moratorium on the exploration and mining of uranium in the province.  He said no permits would be issued until an independent study on the environmental impact and social acceptance of uranium»