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Canadians owe $1.77 for every dollar they have to spend: Statistics Canada

Even as Canadians became more frugal with their borrowing amid the economic slowdown due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the decline in household disposable income in the first quarter led to an increase in the overall household debt ratio, according to »

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Affordability is a top concern among homebuyers: survey

Although the figure has been decreasing for the last four years, 37 per cent of people feel concern or uncertainty when they buy a home in Canada, according to a survey by the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation. The government »

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Bank economist says we’re ‘Flying Blind’ because of lack of mortgage data

What was the dollar value of new mortgages originated in Canada in the last quarter? What is the share of non-conforming loans in the Canadian landscape? Bank economist Benjamin Tal says we simply don’t know. In his analysis titled “Flying Blind” »