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New technique greatly improves amputees’ quality of life

A new technique to improve the lives of amputees was performed for the first time in Quebec recently. It involves a titanium rod inserted into the femur and extending outside the body. A prosthesis is then attached to the rod. »


Deadly allergic reactions require quick epinephrine use: study

A new study has found the best way to treat life-threatening allergic reactions is to immediately use epinephrine injectors such as the Epipen. This research involved nearly 3,500 people, 80 per cent of whom were between the ages of one »

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New smartphone app helps in treating wounds

More and more people in the industrialized world are suffering from wounds that become chronic because populations there are ageing and there is a higher incidence of diabetes and obesity. A new app piloted in Montreal may improve the situation »

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Taking your meds: new technology and technique to help you remember

Doctors are constantly frustrated by patients who don’t take the full programme of medications prescribed. For one thing, with antibiotics it can lead to bacterial resistance, but in cases like transplants or grafts, it can be life threatening. A recent »

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A first in Canada: major advance for patients with severe heart problems

For those undergoing treatment for heart failure there’s a new advantage in health care treatment. A patient in Montreal has undergone the first operation in Canada in conjunction with a new technology for a Cardiac Resynchronization Therapy Defibrillator (CRT-D). This »

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Potentially huge breakthrough in treating infections

Canadian researchers have made what holds promise as an enormous advance in fighting infections. Teams in Toronto (Sick Kids Hospital/U of T)  and Montreal combined their skills to develop a way to break through microbial defences, their “biofilm” which has »

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Study suggests prescription, pedometer can help patients

Dr. Kaberi Dasgupta has been treating patients with diabetes and hypertension for many years and some of them have had complications like heart disease and stroke. Doctors have long known that exercise can have many health benefits like lowering blood »

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Canadian research leads to new discovery in head and neck cancers

It’s technically complicated but a research team doing a secondary examination of previous research discovered an important factor in cancer development. Cancer research is often focused on genetic mutation, but this new research looked instead at the process affecting how »

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Superbug infections drop at super hospital

The number of anti-biotic resistant infections has dropped dramatically at the super hospital of the McGill University Health Centre, reports The Gazette newspaper. The new facility replaced several older hospitals in Montreal and was initially plagued with sewer back-ups, difficult-to-open »

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Fancy hospital complex, not enough money to run it

The McGill University Health Centre (MUHC) at the Glen site in Montreal is Canada’s most modern, but the Gazette reports it will close several operating rooms, shut rooms and it will have to restrict use of its top medical-imaging equipment. »