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Multiculturalism Day celebrated in Canada

A non-profit dedicated to eliminating racism in Canada announced it joins all Canadians in celebrating the 31st anniversary of the Canadian Multiculturalism Act. In 1988, the Canadian government passed a law to formalize its commitment to multiculturalism and the protection »

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Federal government to invest $52M in fighting racism, discrimination and prejudice

With an eye towards the rising tide of populist movements and xenophobia around the world, the Liberal government announced Wednesday it is investing nearly $52 million over three years in community projects and events designed to foster diversity and eliminate »

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Canada- multiculturalism policy losing ground?

A new poll just released shows a somewhat surprising results about several Canadian attitudes. The comprehensive survey is  called “What makes us Canadian? A study of values, beliefs, priorities and identity”. Almost 4,000 Canadians were polled in the September survey, »

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Canadians quietly celebrate Multiculturalism Day

There were no fanfares, no parades: Canadians coast to coast simply went about their business as they marked the Multiculturalism Day today. With immigration being one of the driving forces behind the United Kingdom’s Brexit vote to leave the European »