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Climate change: are cities ready?

A new study looked at some 63 of the most populous municipalities across the country, and evaluated their plans to cope with climate change. Dave Guyadeen (PhD, MCIP, RPP) is lead author of the study, He is an assistant professor» 

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Housing is increasingly unaffordable, say cities

“The high cost of housing in Canada is the most urgent financial issue facing Canadians today,” says the Federation of Canadian Municipalities in a news release. It says polling numbers show “one third of families are struggling to pay for» 

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Cities urged to take natural assets into account

A multi-stakeholder initiative is helping Canadian municipalities pay attention to the services that are provided by nature and, where possible, use or upgrade them instead of building expensive infrastructure. Brooks and rivers are some of the useful, natural assets being» 

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Ontario and Quebec municipalities join forces on climate change

Municipal leaders from Ontario and Quebec joined forces in Ottawa Wednesday to demand proper funding for climate change initiatives by local governments as Canada’s federal and provincial leaders head to the Paris UN Climate Conference. Gary McNamara, President of the Association of Municipalities of Ontario and Suzanne Roy,»