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Immigration & Refugees

Lunar New Year celebrated at immigration museum

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 will hold Lunar New Year festivities on February 10 in the eastern city of Halifax. There will be a day of Chinese dance, live music, martial arts demonstrations and crafts. Visitors will »

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Bear fossils from high Arctic show cavities

The remains of a 3.5 million-year-old bear have been found over 1,000 km north of the Arctic Circle and it appears the animal had a sweet tooth. It looks like the bear migrated from Eurasia by the land bridge over »

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Butterflies, live, at museum will chase winter blues

Winter in Canada is long, cold and dark, but the Canadian Museum of Nature will brighten things up by offering visitors the chance to walk among dozens of species of butterflies starting tomorrow. The butterflies come from two sustainable farms »

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Preserving another piece of Canada’s vanishing railway history

Canada’s history is that of it’s railways. For example, the west coast province of British Columbia only agreed to join Canada if a railway was built to link it to the east. Railways brought settlers to the wide open country, »

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Cold War relic may become Canada’s broadcast archives

It was a giant complex 60 stories underground, and inside about five and half stories high. It was atomic bomb proof and  accessed by very long tunnels, one of them two kilometres long, the other one kilometre long. A bus »


Indigenous throat-singing featured at museum

Throat-singing is one of the jewels of Inuit culture and will be featured at musical events at the Canadian Museum of Nature. The museum is running special exhibits and programming this summer called Focus on the Arctic. The Canadian Museum »

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New exhibit brings museum visitors to the Arctic

The Canadian Museum of Nature has opened a new gallery it hopes will “transform people’s understanding of the Arctic.” It recreates the Arctic’s natural landscapes and its plants and animals, and visitors can hear the voices of the people who »

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Museum presents faces of 4,000-year-old indigenous family

The Canadian Museum of History has revealed the results of a digital facial reconstruction based on the remains of a west coast indigenous family from the shíshálh tribe, also known as the Sechelt First Nation. This tribe lives amid spectacular »

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Museum invites kids on spring break to see reptiles

Many children in Canada have a week off school in March, others in February, and parents look for interesting activities for them. The Canadian Museum of Nature in Ottawa suggests they come take part in interactive shows featuring reptiles. The »

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Update- Lancaster KB-882- saved, at last!

It is one of last, if not the very last, restorable Lancaster bombers in the world.. The Lancaster is one of the most iconic aircraft of the Second World War. As for KB-882, it is not only an actual war veteran, »