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Team to study, collect Arctic plants

Botanists from the Canadian Museum of Nature are travelling to Hudson Bay, near the community of Arviat, Nunavut on an annual mission to study and collect Arctic plants. They will spend four weeks on flat, coastal tundra peppered with small »


Authors to explain British child emigration to Canada

Between 1863 and 1940 over 100,000 children were sent from Great Britain to Canada, and Canada’s renowned immigration museum has invited two authors to speak about the so-called British Home Children on June 21 in the eastern city of Halifax. »

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Alberta dinosaur museum- world-class award winner

Canada’s newest museum is dedicated to truly ancient creatures, and it’s seen as one of the best new museums in the world. The renowned travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller has named the Philip J Currie Dinosaur Museum  in Alberta as one »


Museum hosts Titanic event

The Canadian Museum of Immigration at Pier 21 has invited marine archaeologist Rob Rondeau to give a talk on the sinking of the Titanic in the North Atlantic in 1912. Rondeau has studied shipwrecks for almost 20 years and has »

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Fundraiser to save an historic Lancaster

KB882 had a long service life, and then, a far less deserving fate, and finally enthusiasts are trying to give the historic plane a better future. Of the over 7,000 built, this plane is one of only 17 survivors and »

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Canada’s immigration gateway museum reopens

Following a 30 million dollar renovation over six months Canada’s Pier 21 immigration museum in Halifax, Nova Scotia, has been officially reopened today. Although a “soft” opening began last month, today many dignitaries were on hand at the official ceremony »

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Museums: where from, and with budget cuts and in the digital age, whither bound?

It seems the idea of museums, had it’s origins a few centuries ago with the personal collections of the wealthy.  They weren’t really museums, rather more like a gathering of curiousities than an organized assembly of artifacts.  Gathering marvels and »

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New artifact displayed for Titanic anniversary

It was almost exactly 101 years ago that the ship RMS Titanic, arguably now the most famous ship in history, sank. Some 600km south of Newfoundland, and due east of the province of Nova Scotia, the luxury liner hit an »