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Muskox rump hair indicative of climate conditions and diet

Forensic scientists have long used chemical and other analyses of hair and teeth to determine such things as diet of an individual, usually for historical purposes. Now researchers at the Arctic Research Centre, Aarhus University in Denmark, are using similar »

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Parasites spreading in Caribou, Muskox in high Arctic

They’re called “lungworms”  several species of roundworms that infect the lungs of caribou, muskox, bison, and Dall sheep. While their presence had been detected several years ago, the incidence of the infection is spreading and it would appear climate change »

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Climate change adversely affecting Arctic wildlife

There is increasing evidence that climate change, which is warming the polar region, is having negative affect upon a variety of wildlife. While there have long been concerns about that some populations of polar bears are shrinking, studies now show »