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The Supreme Court decides not to hear challenge to Quebec secularism law

Hopes of  Supreme Court ruling to grant an injunction against a controversial Quebec law were dashed today when Canada’s highest court said it will not hear the case. The Supreme Court does not give reasons for decisions not to hear »

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Canadian Muslim organisation against “honour” crimes

Just released is a new study on gender-based violence (GBV) called, “Dishonourable Violence: Changing the Narratives on Honour and Shame Among Muslim Canadian Communities”. It is the product of Islamic Relief Canada a non-profit humanitarian aid group and came following »


UN urged to act on China’s mass detention of Uighurs

Several leading rights groups have called on the United Nations Human Rights Council to take action on the “mass detentions” of Muslim Uighurs in China. The groups are calling for an international fact-finding mission to Xinjiang province where they say »

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Canada’s first professional Muslim theatre company launches in Montreal

Drawing on Montreal’s multicultural artistic talent, Canada’s first professional Muslim theatre company is set to make history Thursday, hoping to build bridges of understanding and dialogue with the wider Canadian society. The Silk Road Theatre is set to open its »


Mosque attack commemorated across Canada

Ceremonies across Canada are being held to mark the day one year ago when a lone gunman walked into a Quebec City mosque and opened fire, killing six men and injuring 19. These are attended by people, officials and religious »

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A Canadian Muslim campaigner against extremism speaks out

A Canadian Muslim is facing an Islamic fatwa against his life. Pakistani-born Tarek Fatah, Canadian author, columnist, broadcaster and Muslim, is an long-time outspoken critic of extremist interpretations of the Koran.  Although Canadian, he also hosts a broadcast in India »

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Ban of face coverings: Criticism outside Quebec, but wide support inside

(to leave your comment on this, or any RCI story, go to bottom of page for the submission form) The mainly French-speaking province of Quebec recently banned face coverings for anyone receiving public service in the province. It is a »

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Contentious law on face covering passed in Quebec

A controversial law was passed in the Quebec provincial legislature today. Known as Bill 62, the law will ban face coverings when people receive government services, and prohibit  public workers from covering their faces. A photo posted online in November »

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When fake news, even advertised as such, can still cause problems

Canadian Imam not involved, and news story completely made up. In the face of disaster, fake news stories even ones advertised as such, can still cause problems. Hurricane Harvey recently devasted the major U.S city of Houston Texas and the »


Hate crimes up five per cent in 2015

New government statistics show that hate crimes reported to police increased by five per cent in Canada in 2015. Attacks against Muslims and Arab or West Asian communities accounted for most of the increase. Government statistics involve crimes that were »