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Coronavirus: Scams, hoaxes, fake sites, and myths

It doesn’t take a crisis for fraudsters, fakers, and general creeps to try to take advantage of people, but it helps. With the current pandemic and fears, lies, myths, scams, fraud has become rampant, and while some of the various »

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The wonderful world of snake oil promoters and people who believe them

Claims vs science: New Canadian series explores miracle diets, anti-ageing cures, and other wellness fads A Canadian researcher and specialist in health issues has travelled the world looking at all kinds of so-called health remedies. It’s all explored in a »


Study dispels ‘myth’ that gluten-free food is nutritionally better

Even though their children do not need to eat gluten-free foods for health reasons, some parents buy these foods because they think they are healthier. A new study finds they are not nutritionally superior and says research shatters “the myth” »