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A special coat turns up in an Edmonton thrift store

It’s axiomatic that one never knows what they will find in a thrift store. Sometimes, it’s not all that great. Other times? It’s a bit of giggle. Other times? Travel with me, if you will, to the Goodwill Alberta store »


Tuktoyaktuk relocating homes too soon, says resident

Noella Cockney can watch the waves splash against the door of her home when the storms pick up in Tuktoyaktuk, N.W.T. Her house is one of several in the Arctic hamlet threatened by rapid coastal erosion — houses the local »


What you need to know about wildlife photography in N.W.T.

N.W.T. creatives are laying into the territorial government after an Inuvik photographer was cautioned by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (ENR) for posting his drone footage of a grizzly bear online. CBC News, first published on August 1, »


Eye on the Arctic – Video brings students together in Canada’s North

Each week, Eye on the Arctic features stories and newsmakers from Canada’s northern regions Providing quality education to students in remote Arctic communities is a problem not only in Canada but around the circumpolar world. Distances are great, courses are limited »