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Police move in to clear a ‘tent city’ in Ottawa

A stand-off between authorities in Ottawa and members of a so-called ‘tent city’ within sight of Parliament Hill’s Peace Tower has apparently ended–at least for the moment. On Sunday, the National Capital Commission issued a written notice–posted on a tree–telling» 

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Questions raised over temporary fence for Chinese premier’s hotel in Ottawa

The agency in charge of managing federal lands in Ottawa is facing questions over its decision to allow a fence be erected around an Ottawa hotel that hosted a high-ranking Chinese delegation in September. The National Capital Commission approved a» 


Officials apologize for shutting down children’s lemonade stand

Red-faced officials at the National Capital Commission are apologizing to two little Ottawa girls after an overzealous bylaw officer shut down their lemonade stand for lack of proper paperwork. Adela Andrews, 5, and her older sister Eliza, 7, had set»