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U.S. Coast Guard turns to Canada for help with designing its new heavy icebreaker

With growing concerns over its apparent “icebreaker gap” with Russia and an urgent need to replace its only operational heavy icebreaker the United States Coast Guard has turned to Canada for help in designing the future generation of its polar-class »

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Canada’s national research agency, happy 100th!

Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) is celebrating 100 years this week. The scientific research body was formed by the federal government in an Order-in-Council on June 6, 1916. The council, a mix of scientists, industrialists, and bureaucrats was originally designed »

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A world food staple, Canada leading in wheat development

With close to $100 million in funding, research into new plant breeding technology at the Canadian Wheat Alliance, is showing great promise Faouzi Bekkaoui (PhD) is the executive director of the wheat programme at Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) which »

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‘Open for Business’ – Canada’s NRC to shift scientific research to industry focus

Canada’s National Research Council (NRC) which developed the first practical motorized wheelchair and the first artificial pacemaker, will now be more oriented to industry and business oriented goals. “The refocused NRC will provide Canadian industries with access to strategic research »