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RCMP assesses impacts of possible leaks by alleged mole

Reeling from the arrest of one of its high-ranking intelligence employees, Canada’s national police force is assessing possible damage the alleged mole may have caused to Canada and its allies, the head of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) said »


Senior civilian RCMP employee charged under national secrets act

A senior civilian member of Canada’s national police force, which also deals with sensitive national security investigations, has been arrested and charged under the Security of Information Act, the Royal Mounted Canadian Police (RCMP) announced in a terse press release »

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Huawei ties to China’s government worry Canada

China’s tech giant, Huawei has invested millions in research in Canada and the government is increasingly concerned about its world dominance in next-generation 5G wireless technology and national security. Huawei is the biggest provider of cellular network equipment in the »

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Day after Ottawa shootings, questions about security, democracy and new laws

The day after the shooting of a soldier in Ottawa at the National War Memorial and the shooting of the gunman in Canada’s Parliament buildings, Members of Parliament were back in the House of Commons on Thursday (October 23), after »

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Tearful Mohamed Harkat wants open trial, to be cleared after 12 years of suspicion

A tearful Mohamed Harkat and his wife Sophie Lamarche were still dazed and upset when they met journalists Thursday (May 15) a day after the Supreme Court of Canada had ruled a security certificate issued against Harkat was constitutional. The »

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Supreme Court of Canada: Mohamed Harkat security certificate constitutional

Mohamed Harkat and his wife Sophie Lamarche were “devastated” when they learned of the Supreme Court’s decision said their lawyer Norm Boxall Wednesday (May 14) after the court ruled a Canadian “security certificate” issued against Harkat was constitutional. The certificate is »