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Beware! The wildfire season is fast approaching

OK, just so you know. Canada’s wildfire season is fast approaching. You’ll see the pictures soon enough. They tend to be terrifying. Think Dante and every nightmare we’ve ever suffered. Maybe this year, those images won’t be as horrifying as »


Two more earthquakes recorded off British Columbia

Two more earthquakes were recorded off Vancouver Island on Christmas Day, bringing the number to nine since Monday. The latest quakes registered as magnitudes 3.6 and 4.9. The first quake struck 153 kilometres west of Port Hardy, located at the »

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As spate of wildfires ravage the Arctic, Canada–so far–is feeling a bit less heat

As what the World Meteorological Organization calls “unprecedented” wildfires rage across much of the Arctic, Canada–at least so far–seems to a escaping the worst of the ravaging. Dan Thompson, a fire research scientist with Natural Resources Canada, says this year »