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Conservation group hails rare dinosaur discovery by father and son in Alberta

A Canadian conservation group says the discovery of a rare juvenile dinosaur by a father and son duo hiking in an isolated canyon in Alberta prairies in July demonstrates the benefits of nature conservation not only for the living species »

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Professor to help conservation group protect biodiversity

A University of Guelph biologist is joining forces with a major conservation group to help Canada protect natural spaces and endangered species. Prof. Ryan Norris is an authority on migratory birds and monarch butterflies. But he will expand his research »

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Canada boosts conservation of habitats in private hands

There are people across Canada who strive try to protect ecologically sensitive landscapes they own, and now, they may get help from a new program funded by the Canadian government. It has pledged a $100 million program that will result »

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Christmas tree disposal concerns conservationists

Canada produces about 5.5 million Christmas trees each year and the Nature Conservancy of Canada is concerned about how they are disposed of. After the trees are purchased, brought into homes and decorated for the Christmas season, they are eventually »

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Unique, predatory song bird habitat protected

A non-profit conservation group has purchased 31 hectares of land in the province of Ontario that is a nesting site for the endangered eastern loggerhead shrike. The acquisition expands the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Napanee Plain Alvar Nature Reserve to »

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Natural forest corridor, rich biosphere protected

With the help of the government of Canada, the Nature Conservancy of Canada has acquired land to protect 48 hectares along the Rideau Waterway near Lake Ontario. The land is comprised of towering granite ridges, rich forests and pristine shoreline. »

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Protection of a huge swath of boreal forest ‘of global importance’

One of the world’s largest intact forest ecosystem is the boreal forest that encircles the globe’s northern latitudes and one-third of it is in Canada. A new project will conserve a part of it that is more than twice the »

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Wilderness corridor created close to Montreal

Two conservation groups have acquired property in the province of Quebec that will enjoin a network of existing protected areas and increase connectivity for wildlife species there. The Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) and Conservation Manitou have acquired the Barbara »

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Ravaged land to be restored by a unique partnership

An area of untold beauty was severely damaged by a logging operation but will now be taken over and restored by Indigenous peoples and a non-profit conservation group. The Kumdis Slough area is part of the stunning archipelago off Canada’s »


Invasive species attacked in rare ecosystem

Volunteers have and will again spend a month digging up invasive plants in the rare Garry oak ecosystem found on some of the islands off Canada’s west coast. There is less than five per cent of this ecosystem left in »