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Who benefits from COVID-19? Nature and wildlife

One already noticed benefit to this otherwise deadly disease is that of cleaner air because around the world there have been fewer vehicles on the road. As an example, people in India who live up to 160 km from the »

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Study to be done on establishment of a protected marine area in Atlantic Canada

A coastal area adjacent to the Torngat Mountains National Park in northern Labrador in Atlantic Canada is under consideration to become an Indigenous marine protected area. Canada’s environment minister Catherine McKenna and Johannes Lampe, the president of Nunatsiavut, the Inuit »

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Scientific expedition winds up in Inuit region of Atlantic Canada

A 10-day research project between an ocean conservation group and the government of the Inuit region of Atlantic Canada wound up this week after a 10-day expedition to better understand the coastline in the region. The Imappivut, (“Our Oceans” in »

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Camping with kids in the Canadian wilderness highly recommended

May 18 to 20, 2019 is a holiday weekend in Canada and usually warm enough for families to go on their first camping trips of the year. It can be a little more challenging to camp with children, but they »

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One of the most endangered Canadian animals now online

Once they were relatively common in southern British Columbia’s old growth forests and into California, but that was before pressure from habitat loss and competition from the barred owl began to take their toll on the now very endangered spotted »

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February 27: International Polar Bear Day

It’s not an “official day” but rather an  annual one declared by the group Polar Bears International (PBI) a non-profit  organisation whose goal is to raise awareness about the animal’s situation and the threats faced due to climate change. The »

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Otter update;  Vancouver park evacuates carp

It’s one of those animal stories that makes headlines. A week ago, a river otter somehow crossed several busy streets in Vancouver to get to the Dr Sun Yat-Sen Chinese Garden. This traditional garden was where several carp (koi) lived »

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Get out of the house and into the ‘outdoors’

Survey shows appreciation for nature, but growing disconnect Canada is blessed with millions of square kilometres of wilderness, in addition to numerous national, provincial and municipal parks. It’s an ideal place to experience and enjoy nature, and in most cases »

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Arctic tourism in the age of Instagram – The social and environmental impacts

Each week, Eye on the Arctic brings you news and views from around the North When most people think of Arctic economic development, things like resource extraction are usually first to mind. But northern regions and chambers of commerce are »

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Art: another Canadian classic for sale: A.Y Jackson

In recent years, Canadian art has begun to get world attention, and very rightly so. Several Canadian works in recent years have reached record prices at auction. Several of these works have been by one of Canada’s most iconic artistic »