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The last of the Canadian Navy destroyers

The HMCS Athabaskan made a final tour of Halifax harbour this week before being “paid off” and decommissioned on Friday. The destroyer was the last large fighting vessel in the Canadian navy and one of four Iroquois-class destroyers built in »

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Canada history, Feb 1, 1968; the unwelcome remaking of Canada’s military

There had been talk of this for years, even as far back as shortly after the Second World War; the merging of the three main military arms Canadian Army, Royal Canadian Navy and Royal Canadian Air Force, into one structure. »

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Canada history: Jan 23, 1932 When our Navy (sort of) invaded tiny El Salvador

El Salvador is the smallest country in Central America. In the early part of the 20th century almost the totality of its exports consisted of coffee grown in Anglo-American plantations, and transported on Anglo-American railways. In the interwar years, Canada’s »

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History: March 30, 1972; the last tot of rum for the Navy (RCN)

Since it’s earliest days, the Royal Navy supplied alcohol to its sailors. Originally it was a gallon of beer per day, beer preserving better than plain water on voyages. However, this took up a lot of room on board. As »

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Canadian warship to target refugee smugglers in Aegean

A Canadian warship is deploying to the Aegean Sea as part of a NATO task force to fight the deadly smuggling of migrants between the Turkish mainland and Greek islands in eastern Mediterranean, officials announced Thursday. Canadian frigate HMCS Fredericton left »


More trouble for Canada’s Navy and it’s only destroyer

To the untrained eye, HMCS Athabaskan Canada’s east coast flagship, looks like a tough fighting ship. The truth is however, that at age 43, she is tired. The ship has experienced a series of engine problems this year; a breakdown »


Artefact of the HMCS Niobe unveiled

In a symbolic coincidence of events, October 21 is an important date for Canada’s Navy. It’s the date of commissioning of Canada’s first official warship, and the date an artefact related to the ship was unveiled. The first modern warship »