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95 year old ex-Nazi, cleared for deportation

Helmut Oberlandern, now 95,  has been fighting against deportation since 1995. Following an RCMP investigation into his role during WWII, where he allegedly was an interpreter for a German unit engaged in war crimes. His lawyer said he was conscripted »

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Nazi flag destroyed: vandal or hero?

There is a universally despised symbol, that of the Nazi “hakenkreuz”  a twisted swastika, while in recent years the Confederate flag of the U.S has also fallen into disfavour over the segregation and history it represents. Thus, it was an »


Prime Minister to apologise for 1939 decision turning away Jews

Canada’s Prime Minister announced this week that he will be making another formal apology in the House of Commons. This time it will be a decision in June of 1939 when it refused landing to a ship carrying hundreds of »

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Swastika name will stay

A small street in a small town in southern Ontario is making big news. It’s all because of the street name. Swastika Trail in Puslinch, Ont., a privately owned street was named a century ago when the crooked cross symbol »


Misplaced outrage over swastika

It’s not Nazi, it’s not even German An old ship’s anchor mounted in a park in a Quebec town just west of the island of Montreal, has caused a bit of a kerfuffle. The anchor bears an embossed swastika on »

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International Women’s Day: aviation controversy

An event in Canada is being held to encourage girls and women to think of careers in aviation. The international event is being held at the airport in Lachute, Quebec and is part of a wider international movement called “Women in »

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Nazi occupation of Winnipeg, Manitoba 1942

The first warnings came on the 18th of February when warplanes painted with German insignia flew low over the major western Canadian city of Winnipeg, and its surrounding towns in Manitoba. In the town of Selkirk, just north of Winnipeg, »

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Bieber blunders

Canadian pop singer Justin Bieber drew a flurry of negative buzz on social media for comments he made about Anne Frank. The 19 year-old visited the Amsterdam museum honouring the Jewish teen who died in a Nazi concentration camp during »