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The American bumble bee is in serious decline according to a new Canadian study. The bee is recognizable by its dark wings and yellow striping ( Kristy Baker via NY Natural Heritage Programme)

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Another bee species under critical threat

While there have been several stories over the years of serious declines in honey bee populations, the state of the many wild bees is almost impossible to gauge but is thought to also be seriously compromised. Wild bees are critical »

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Scientists and NGOs call for ban on class of pesticide

International and domestic call to ban neonicotinoids This week more than 200 scientists from several countries around the world have written an open letter calling for international action to end the use of neonicotinoid pesticides, known commonly as “neonics”. The »

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Government sued over pesticide use: neonics and bee deaths

A class of pesticides known as neonicotinoids has been blamed for what beekeepers claim is a “catastrophic” loss of pollinators. Now, four Canadian environmental groups have filed lawsuits against the federal government over the issuing of permits for pesticide use containing »

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Ontario bee losses still too high.

In a just released statement, the Ontario Beekeepers’ Association  (OBA) says results of a recent survey show that Ontario bee overwinter survival rates are still dramatically higher than normal. In a press release on Friday, the OBA says Ontario beekeepers »