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Protest and concern over bottled water extraction

A handful of activists arrived in front of the Ontario provincial legislature today seeking to highlight the ongoing issue of groundwater extraction by giant commercial water bottling operations . Using the figures from the multinational Nestle, they say the company »


Protests continue over Nestle pumping and sale of ground water

(comments open: to read or post comments scroll to bottom of page) Permit expired, but pumping continues People in and around the west-central Wellington County in Ontario held a protest this weekend at the controversial Nestle wellsite of the Middlebrook »

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Ontario makes a move on water bottling

Recent events in the province of Ontario have brought the issue of water extraction into the headlines, especially concerning water bottling companies. As in other provinces, the fee in Ontario for commercial water extraction is extremely low. In Ontario the »

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Update- Corporate ownership of water-opposition

Ontario township becoming focal point for world concern over water rights The central western region of Ontario is becoming a major focal point in what is becoming a global concern over who controls fresh water resources. For years local residents »

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Province puts water-bottling business on hold

The province of Ontario is proposing to suspend the creation or expansion of bottled water plants while it considers changing the rules that allow companies to take water to sell, reports Canadian Press (CP). The proposed changes come after a »

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Canada, and the world’s, water crisis Pt-3

Who owns the water? Trans-national giants buy up water rights for very little, and make enormous profit while putting the future supplies in danger. Maude Barlow’s new book looks at what is happening in Canada and around the world.  It’s »

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Corporate water bottling coming under increased opposition in Ontario

The central province of Ontario has experienced a major heat wave and drought this summer putting a great strain on water supplies. Indeed residents in most communities all across Canada now regularly face water usage restrictions in summer. In spite »