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First Quebec produced Netflix feature to premiere at film festival

A Netflix financed Quebec film is set to premiere at the 38th edition of Les Rendez-vous Quebéc Cinema in Montreal, which starts on Feb. 26, and runs until March 7.  The film called Jusqu’au declin, or The Decline in english,» 

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Netflix not taxed by Canadian government

The Canadian government lost an estimated $169 million from streaming companies in 2017 because it did not tax them, according to a report from the auditor general. Other analysts estimate hundreds of millions of dollars in tax revenue could have» 

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Netflix sci-fi series used real footage of Lac-Mégantic disaster

Makers of the Netflix original sci-fi series Travelers have had to apologize and promise to edit out a few seconds of footage after it emerged that they had used real-life images of the Lac-Mégantic train disaster in a scene depicting a» 

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E-Commerce: To Tax, or (if elections loom), not to tax

To Tax (or if elections loom) or not to tax A policy paper by a House of Commons Committee has recommended, amongst other things, a tax on E-Commerce services. The idea is an effort to level the e-commerce field for» 

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Netflix series on teen suicide raises concerns

Parents and mental health advocates are expressing concern over a popular new Netflix series about a teenaged girl who kills herself leaving behind tapes explaining why she did it. The series contains graphic scenes of sexual violence, self-harm, and the» 

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More Canadians cutting cable

Canadians are getting rid of their cable television in record numbers, reports Canadian Press (CP). A report by the Convergence Consulting Group says 190,000 people dropped the service in 2015. That’s 80 per cent more than did in the previous»