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When a common medical research tool is not entirely accurate

Medical research into the complex and detailed field of cell function, genetics, and related diseases use antibodies to detect where proteins are in the cell and their number.  Proteins are biomolecules that translate information from an organism’s genes into the »

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Obesity: it’s in the mind and in brain anatomy (genes)

Uku Vainik (PhD) is a researcher at McGill University’s Montreal Neurological Institute, and at the Institute of Psychology, University of Tartu, Estonia. The typical thinking is that obesity is the result of overeating. The new study goes deeper into the »

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Cannabinoids and night vision: surprising finding

It’s another somewhat serendipitous finding. Researchers in Montreal and in the US were studying the effects of marijuana (cannabinoids actually) on brain development in tadpoles and found surprisingly that it actually improved the test-animals night vision. Edward Ruthazer (PhD) is »