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Trudeau’s Liberals will continue to govern, at least for now

This is politics so things could change quickly, but for the time being, at least, it appears that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals will continue to govern Canada. There were no early indications today that either the Bloc Quebecois or the New »

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Liberals and New Democrats unveil climate action plans

A re-elected Liberal government would immediately commit Canada to becoming carbon neutral by mid-century, said Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau Tuesday, echoing pledges made a day earlier by the European Union and more than 60 countries at the United Nations Climate »

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As leaders make plays for workers’ votes, new Labour rules sow confusion

As Canadians celebrated Labour Day on Monday, Canada’s political leaders headed to Hamilton, Ontario, one of the birthplaces of Canada’s union movement and long the centre of the country’s steel industry. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and NDP leader Jagmeet Singh »

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Making history, Jasmeet Singh, scores NDP leadership victory

Making history, Jasmeet Singh, scores NDP leadership victory Canada’s left-wing opposition New Democratic Party made history on the weekend, electing Jagmeet Singh as its new federal leader. Singh, a turban wearing Sikh who currently sits in the Ontario provincial legislature, »

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Jagmeet Singh expected to announce run for leadership of federal New Democrats

The race to elect the new leader of the federal New Democratic Party got more exciting today with reports that Ontario deputy NDP leader Jagmeet Singh is poised to announce his intention to seek the leadership, potentially becoming the first »

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MP leaving his past behind–in a big way

The man who turned a lot of heads in his Ottawa office with an eclectic collection of hats and caps is putting the finishing touches on what’s left of his 18 years in the nation’s capital. When New Democrat MP »

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Mulcair on the griddle at NDP convention

Some 1,500 members of Canada’s left-of-centre New Democratic Party are in Edmonton, Alberta to discuss what on went wrong in last October’s federal election. The vote saw the New Democrats fall from 103 seats in 2011 under then-leader Jack Layton »

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Mulcair sticks by his stand on the niqab

The leader of the New Democratic Party, which saw its number of seats in Parliament drop to 44 from 95 in last week’s federal election, says he would handle the controversial niqab issue the same way again. Most analysts agree »

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After the vote: Tories move, Mulcair stays, Duceppe exits

Canada’s Conservative Party, swept out of power by the Liberal Party’s tidal wave victory in Monday’s general election, has begun taking steps to replace Stephen Harper as leader. Harper announced Monday that he would step down as leader but will »

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Left of centre Official Opposition NDP convention prepares road for 2015 election

When Canada’s left-of-centre New Democratic Party elected 100 Members of Parliament in the 2011 federal election and became the Official Opposition, it was the party’s best showing ever in Canadian history. Since then the party has been trying to show »