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COVID-19- new mutation spreading in U.K.

Even as vaccines are beginning to become available and distributed against COVID-19, medical officials are advising of a version spreading in southern England that has key mutations. The Coronvirus Group in Britain ( COG-UK) reports it is investigating a newly »


New Canadian banknote: but who will be featured?

Canada is beginning to change its banknotes once again. The first major change came with the $10 note in 2018 when the image on the face was that of Viola Desmond, a black Nova Scotian businesswoman who fought for her »

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Ontario increases business closures under emergency health order

After releasing computer projections showing the possible number of deaths that could occur from the novel coronavirus, Ontario has moved to enact further business closures in an effort to further reduce person-to-person infections The previous list of 74 business types »

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New hope for improved recovery from stroke

Canadian research and development of a new drug has shown great potential to help patients in their recovery from stroke by reducing brain cell damage. Dr. Michael D Hill (MD  MSc, FRCPC) is a professor of Neurology at the University »

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Promising HIV/AIDS research and treatment using antibodies, not drugs

Uses natural antibodies, not drugs A small-scale trial study has shown promise in the fight against HIV. The study involves use of natural white blood cell antibodies to help fight the virus. Dr. Daniel Kaufmann (MD) is a professor in »

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Canada’s new national climate change research institute

Announced this week, Canada has a new agency to look into the various issues of climate change. Non-partisan and arms-length from the government which is funding it, the agency will partner with experts in a variety of fields of research »

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Safer eco-friendly and more efficient fire suppressant foam?

As wildfires cause massive destruction in Australia, a couple of Canadians think their product could be of great assistance in quelling those fires. Not only helpful, but safe for the environment afterward Quincy Emmons and Zackery Hodgen, former firefighters themselves »

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Jazz legend secret recordings (re)discovered in Canada

For jazz fans, the name John Coltrane is legend and they revel in the artistry and intuitiveness of his music. Of course with his death in 1967, the music ended there. New Coltrane album coming But no, a “new” recording »

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New treatment to aid Parkinson’s patients (interview)

Parkinson’s Disease is a degenerative brain disease, and one of the effects is hindering movement such as the ability to walk around. This could range from a shuffling gate, to a condition known as FOG, of “freeze of gait” meaning »

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Encephalitis: Researchers discover previously unknown cause

The disease is basically an inflammation of the brain wcich can be caused by a number of things from bacteria to viral infections to auto-immune response.  It can often be successfully treated but sometimes still proves fatal. In spite of »