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Canada history: Mar 17. 1955, the Richard riot in Montreal

In 1955, there were six teams in the National Hockey league. Loyalties to a team and to individual players where they might usually stay with the team for years, was very strong. Nowhere was loyalty to a team stronger than »

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The NHL, MLB and MLS among latest to suspend seasons due to coronavirus

The National Hockey League announced Thursday that it is pausing the 2019-2020 season due to the health concerns of the COVID-19, commonly known as coronavirus outbreak. “The NHL has been attempting to follow the mandates of health experts and local »

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The LINK Online Feb 28,29; Mar 01, 2020

Your hosts today, Vincenzo, Terry, and Marc ( video of show at bottom) Canadian Space Agency invests in moon exploration The Canadian Space Agency (CSA) is seeking to get more involved in exploration of the moon. To that end they’ve »

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 History Canada: Nov 26,1917, birth of the NHL

The National Hockey league is one of the world’s best known and longest lasting professional sports leagues. After an internal squabble with the Toronto owner of the “Blueshirts” in the small existing National Hockey Association, the other team owners suspended »

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Canada History: March 18, 1892: The greatest trophy in hockey

In the late 1800’s ice hockey was gaining in popularity thoughout North America, especially in Canada, as well as in some northern U.S cities, where it had been introduced as much by Canadian students studying at U.S. universities as any »

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The LINK Online, Mar. 8-9-10, 2019

Your hosts Lynn, Terry, Marie-Claude, and Marc (video of show at bottom) Canada’s Prime Minister insists “no inappropriate pressure” in SNC Lavalin case The SNC Lavalin scandal as it’s being called continues to dog the Liberal government of Prime Minister »

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National Hockey League and Players Association celebrate Black History Month

For the first time, the NHL will be adapting the thrust of its February campaign of “hockey is for everyone” to a focus of celebrating Black History Month. The league (NHL) and the players association (NHLPA) have joined to mark »

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Hockey, concussions, psychiatric disorders

Hockey is fast, and at times rough, especially as you rise through the ranks to the top league, the National Hockey League (NHL) Hits have always been hard but as players have become bigger, stronger, faster, the hits have become »

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History: Nov.1, 1959: The Canadian goalie who changed the face of hockey

It was a National Hockey League game between the leading Montreal Canadiens, and the struggling New York Rangers.  A few minutes into the first period, Canadiens goalie Jacques Plante was hit in face with a hard backhand from the Rangers »

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Hockey lawsuit: fighting and concussions: new revelations

For years officials in the National Hockey League (NHL) have denied there was any connection to fighting in hockey and concussions. However, newly released emails among top NHL officials seem to indicate the officials knew of the link. Even after »