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Constant exposure to ambient noise and your health

It’s known that extremely loud noises can damage your hearing, but we’re becoming aware that constant levels of noise below damaging levels can have other health effects. Tor Oiamo (PhD) is an assistant professor, Ryerson University in the Department of »

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Whales: Human created noise adds to threats

Canada’s agency charged with overseeing the status of biodiversity in this country has just released a report on marine noise and the effect on three whale species. Hal Whitehead, of Dalhousie University in Nova Scotia and co-chair of the marine »

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Noise effects on whales, other mammals to be studied

The Canadian government will provide $26.6 million to researchers investigating the impact of shipping-related noise on whales and other marine mammals. Several species use sound to communicate with each other, to navigate and feed. Noise generated by ship engines and »

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Government talks noise abatement to protect whales

Fisheries Minister Dominic LeBlanc told the Canadian Press that he is seeking to regulate underwater shipping noise as part of a strategy to protect a group of endangered orca whales off Canada’s west coast, reports Canadian Press. Noise is likely »


Settling more frequent noise disputes in summer

When winter is finally over in Canada, people throw open the windows and spend much more time outdoors, but that can cause more complaints about noise. Most Canadian towns and cities have bylaws limiting noise, typically between the hours of »

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Company disputes pipeline warnings

TransCanada Corp. says its Energy East pipeline project will not be an issue for whales in eastern Canada’s Bay of Fundy and that it will have emergency plans in place in the event of an oil spill. The Conservation Council »

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How noise can harm bird survival

Most people may not realize it but audio communication is vital for young birds to survive. Researchers in east coast Nova Scotia found that ambient noise can disrupt communication between adults and nestlings, putting the nestlings at risk Andy Horn »