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Freeland back in Canada to confer with Trudeau on NAFTA strategy

Canadian and U.S. North American Free Trade Agreement negotiators have temporarily retreated to their corners to consolidate strategy ahead of continuing talks. The two sides must submit an agreed-upon text to the U.S. Congress by Oct. 1 in order to »

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NAFTA negotiations continue with little (public) progress reported

The back and fourth of the North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations continued Tuesday on both sides of the border. As Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland arrived back in Washington, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned of what he termed “massive »

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A primer on NAFTA culture negotiations and how they might affect Canadians

As Canadian and U.S. negotiators continue their meetings in Washington on Friday attempting to upgrade the North American Free Trade Agreement, they appear focused primarily on three key issues: dairy, culture and the Chapter 19 dispute resolution mechanism. The two »

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Washington ups the ante in trade confrontation with Canada

Another salvo has been fired in the continuing trade dispute between Canada and the United States. The U.S. Department of Commerce announced Tuesday that–beginning immediately–it will collect 24.38 per cent cash deposits on imports of welded large from Canada. The »

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Canadian Foreign Minister Freeland continues trip to Washington

Canada’s foreign affairs minister, Chrystia Freeland, continues her trip to Washington in the wake of last weekend’s verbal attacks on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by U.S. President Donald Trump following the G7 meeting near Quebec City. 0n Thursday, Freeland met briefly »

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Trump eschews Canadian visit, disappointing very few

U.S. presidents have been visiting Canada since 1923 when Warren G. Harding made the leap across the 49th parallel. And since the Franklin Roosevelt Admnistraion, only two–Gerald Ford and Jimmy Carter–have failed to come at all. Make that three. U.S. »

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Bank of Canada stands pat on interest rate

The Bank of Canada on Wednesday postponed a hike in its trend-setting interest rate following two rate hikes since July. The rate, which remains at 1 per cent, plays a primary role in what retail banks offer their customers on »

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Trudeau and former Mexican congressman differ on meaning of Trump vows

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continues to play down possible trade disputes with the United States, a former Mexican congressman sees things differently. On Wednesday, Trudeau dismissed concerns about U.S. President Donald Trump’s projected America-first trade policies, saying U.S. officials »

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Noted nationalist and author Mel Hurtig dead at 84

Mel Hurtig, a prolific writer and ardent Canadian nationalist, has died at the age of 84. Surrounded by his four daughters, Hurtig passed away Wednesday of pneumonia at a Vancouver hospital. Likely best known as the publisher of “The Canadian »

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Trudeau welcomes Obama for North American Leaders’ Summit in Ottawa

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau welcomed U.S. President Barack Obama and Mexico’s President Enrique Pena Nieto in Ottawa Wednesday as the three North American leaders prepare to kick off the so-called Three Amigos Summit. “Good to see you,” Obama said to Trudeau as the two shook hands at the National Gallery »