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The search for Terror continues (HMS Terror that is)

It was and remains one of the longest maritime mysteries ever. At the end of this month Canada will continue the search to solve another part of that mystery. What happened to the 1845 Franklin expedition’s ships and crew in »

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NASA satellite image of ice-free Northwest Passage reveals the ‘new normal’

They say an image is sometimes worth a thousand words. And this NASA satellite photograph of the nearly ice free Northwest Passage snaking through the Canadian Arctic Archipelago illustrates the Arctic’s “new normal” as climate change continues to transform the »

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Luxury cruise ship sets sail for Northwest Passage

Nearly a century after Norwegian explorer Roald Amundsen and his crew of six sailed the Northwest Passage on his 47-ton sloop Gjöa, a 68,000-ton luxury cruise ship is setting sail from Alaska today to become the largest cruise liner to ever navigate through »

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Shipping through the Northwest Passage: Canada’s Asian connection

While the Northwest Passage is a long way away from becoming a commercially viable maritime shipping route, even a moderate increase in shipping through Canada’s Arctic waters has the potential to change Ottawa’s relationship with its Asian trading partners, especially »

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Ice and the Northwest passage- an unreliable shipping route still

New findings from on-site research have found that ice in the Northwest passage can still be too thick and ice conditions far too unreliable in summer for it to become a regular shipping route. Christian Haas (PhD) is Canada Research »

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Op Nunalivut 2015 and Franklin’s lost expedition

Led by Sir John Franklin, a three-time experienced Arctic explorer,  the 1845 mission of the two ice-strengthened and heated Royal Navy ships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror, was to complete passage and mapping of the fabled “Northwest Passage”. However, this »